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CLASS of 2021

Hey kiddos!

It’s been crazy, huh? Learning from home, Schoology, ZOOM, Brain pop, IXL, Newsela, and I can go on and on. And then in April, some of us got to come to school. Then we find out that we needed to get COVID tested every week! But guess what? You have shown your family, the world, and yourselves how strong, smart, and resilient you are. This is the end of elementary, but the beginning of the rest of your life. Enjoy it, have fun, but always remember that you can do great things because you are that strong, that smart, and never a quitter.

We celebrate YOU, our 6th graders, who have reached this milestone. Remember, you are finishing elementary, going on to middle school and high school. It seems far off, but believe me, it’s not. CONGRATULATIONS to the 6th grade class of 2021, the future class of 2027!

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